Comprehensive Christian School Website Audit

Discover the biggest obstacles and opportunities on your school's website.

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Web Audit

Is your school's website bringing new families to your door or driving them away? 

This report measures more than 35 key elements that impact the effectiveness of a Christian school website. With it, you’ll be able to make better strategic decisions and increase the number of prospective families entering your pipeline.

What's inside the Christian School Website audit?

You'll receive customized insights about your website's…

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User Experience

Does your website's layout, design, usability, and accessibility delight or discourage prospective families?

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Page Content

Is your website's content (text, images, and videos) inspiring parents to learn more or to look elsewhere?

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SEO / Online Visibility

How easy or difficult is it for right-fit families to discover your Christian school online?

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Conversion Optimization

Do you have the right elements in place to move parents from anonymous online visitors to known leads?

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Performance & Security

Does your site load quickly and inspire confidence by taking the safety of parents' personal info seriously?

Insights you can trust.

Each report includes a mixture of automated and manual reviews. The manual elements are conducted by a web designer, StoryBrand Certified Guide, and Christian school marketing consultant. 

A complimentary one-hour debrief by phone or Zoom is available upon request. During this debrief, Jay Tickle will share additional guidance and answer any questions you may have. 

Turn your website into a right-fit family magnet.

The first step is assessing what you already have. Let us help you!