How to Add Staff Members

Introduction to Custom Post Types for Staff Profiles

Managing staff member profiles is a task you’ll likely undertake annually. To ensure consistency in information and design quality, we adopt a distinct approach for these pages compared to most other pages on your site. Instead of using a page builder like Elementor, staff profiles, among a few other types of information, are created using what’s known as a custom post type. This method differs visually from the page builder approach and is designed to maintain quality and information consistency across your website.

Advantages of Using Custom Post Types

Custom post types allow for information to be updated in one place and automatically reflected across multiple areas of the site. For example, updating a music teacher’s profile in one location will automatically update her information on related pages, such as the music page and the contact page. This system simplifies management and ensures accuracy and consistency across your website.

How to Manage Staff Profiles

To manage staff profiles:

  1. Navigate to the admin area of your website.
  2. Select ‘Staff’ from the menu on the left.
  3. Here, you will see a list of faculty members. Clicking on a staff member’s name allows you to view and edit their details, such as name, title, email address, bio, associated group, and their headshot (featured image).

Adding a New Staff Member

To add a new staff member:

  • Click the button to create a new profile.
  • Fill in the details and publish. The new profile will then appear on the staff page.

Editing and Deleting Staff Members

Editing a profile is as straightforward as updating the information on the existing profile page and hitting the update button. If you need to remove a staff member, you can easily delete their profile by selecting the ‘Trash’ option.

This process ensures that managing staff profiles on your website is efficient, maintaining a consistent and high-quality presentation of your school’s staff.

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