How to Update Global Contact Info & Policies


In this brief tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of efficiently updating your email address, phone number, and physical address across your website. These details are often displayed in various sections, such as the contact page, footer, or specific informational pages, making manual updates cumbersome.

How to Make the Change

To streamline the process and ensure consistency, we utilize custom fields accessible from your site’s dashboard. By navigating to the “Global Info” tab, you’ll find fields for your email address, phone number (including a hyperlink option for direct calling), physical address, and a Google Maps link for directions. This centralized system allows for seamless updates across your entire site with just a few clicks.

Additionally, we’ve included a section for your non-discrimination policy related to admissions and hiring, with the possibility of adding more tabs in the future for further customization.

Finding Outliers

Updating your contact information through this method guarantees that all instances of your details are current, enhancing user experience and maintaining the credibility of your site. Should there be any instances where updates are not automatically reflected, a quick search for the old information will highlight any areas needing manual adjustment.

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