Darah Olayo’s Bio

Executive Assistant

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About Darah

Darah attended Christian schools in four different states during her kindergarten through college years. Shortly after graduating, she worked as a K5 teacher at a small Christian school and served as an interim principal when the school principal became terminally ill.

In 2012, after several trainings and overseas internships, Darah moved to South Sudan and served on a mission compound that contained a church, a clinic, and a Christian primary school. While there, she helped develop oral Bible resources for the local tribe and did administrative work which included the oversight of school staff and special events, among other responsibilities.

Darah and her husband, Mark, moved to South Carolina in the fall of 2014 and have worked in both ministry and secular roles since that time. Witnessing the continued downward spiral of the U.S. public school system renewed Darah’s passion for supporting those who work hard to instill a Scriptural foundation as well as quality education in the hearts and minds of children. She believes every Christian school, whether big or small, serves a vital role in shaping future leaders and having a positive, Gospel-rich influence on the surrounding community.

The Olayos have three children, all of whom attend a local Christian school.